Meridian Print

When we first started working with Meridian they didn’t have much of a brand voice, or a persona. These are some of our earliest pieces for them. They’re intended to establish Meridian in the marketplace. They’re intended to sound friendly, more human than the big banks.


Meridian Card Design

These card designs were used by Meridian for their general Debit card, and Small Business card.



Meridian prided themselves on not being deceptive or misleading with their offerings. So we decided to make that a campaign message. We made sure to minimize the amount of legal copy on these pieces as much as possible, so the message would sound as sincere as possible.


High Interest Savings Account TV

This commercial presents banking in a human and friendly fashion. Which is exactly the objective of Meridian. The tone of the commercial is simple , and direct, not masking it’s objective, while still being comfortable and familiar.


Pay it Forward was a guerrilla promotion. Many banks have give-aways, but Meridian isn’t about free stuff, they’re about supporting the community. The experience of doing something nice for someone else is far more interesting and rewarding than a simple give-away.

Employee Video

Meridian has a very strong ethical foundation. A small-town morality that is rather peculiar in their industry. This video was produced specifically for their staff to introduce and explain this perspective.