about Philippe Garneau

Philippe is known for opening people’s minds to new ideas. Through branding.

Philippe and GWP helped brand engineer the first ever ING DIRECT on the planet and creative directed all its communications for over 13 years—both in Canada and in the U.S. Philippe and GWP launched Expedia.ca and stewarded the brand for over a decade. In 2007 when the CBC wanted to manage its brand during the employee lock-out Philippe’s pen was behind their communications. Philippe gave Buckley’s cough syrup a taste of what it feels like to be Canada’s best-selling cough syrup. In 2009 GWP named, positioned and launched Intact Insurance, Canada’s largest home and auto insurer. In 2016 Philippe brand engineered Borrowell.com one of Canada’s leading Fintechs.

In 2020 so far Philippe and GWP launched Pascal Financial the first fully digital AI powered Behavioural Science informed wealth advisor platform. We continue to grow Xplore Mobile a challenger mobility brand in Manitoba. Since COVID-19 hit GWP has been engineering a campaign for Health Storylines who are a vital part of the Roche Canada Data Science Coalition. Our goal, to get Canadians to track their developing health to illuminate the blind spots health authorities are plagued by. We are working with World Energy a brilliant and visionary US low carbon energy solutions provider. We are refreshing the Genome Canada brand as they work tirelessly from coast to coast to illuminate the novel coronavirus code. We are currently working on a brand architecture project for a leading national brand in the chronic pain management business and are busy supporting a brand campaign for Canada’s Global Life Sciences Venture in the field of bioinnovations.

Philippe is often sought as a commentator on a broad range of marketing topics. In his limited spare time, Philippe has been a guest lecturer at Canadian colleges and universities and taught copywriting for two years at OCAD University in Toronto. He is currently an expert panelist with the FGS Fintech Growth Syndicate, an Advisor to Abacus, the Facebook Agency and is on the board of the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation and is the Chairman of its fund raising committee. Philippe, a student of Behavioural Economics (mentoring and championing an emerging brand in this field called Syntoniq) Philippe’s motto, which he minted in 2020, is “I stand Corrected”.

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